There will be many training courses. Here is the first one:

Course name: White-Hat hacking & penetration testing
Course Duration: 48 hours | two months | two sessions per week | 3 hours per session
Course prerequisites: solid networking knowledge, basic scripting and programing skills
Lab requirements: BYOD

Course description:
A full offensive hacking course with hands-on experience. It aims to empower security & penetration testing skills using different attack techniques. Students will be able to Scan & exploit vulnerabilities, attack systems and networks, identify and repair security breaches.

Course details:

  • Information gathering and reconnaissance
  • Social engineering | Anonymity
  • Banner grabbing & enumeration
  • TCP IP packet analysis
  • Network scanning | sniffing
  • Advanced Network penetration testing
  • Vulnerability assessments & exploitation
  • Session hijacking & MITM
  • Systems hacking, malware, & password cracking
  • Denial of service, Distributed denial of service
  • IPS & firewalls penetration testing
  • Website | Web application penetration testing
  • Database hacking | SQL injection
  • Hacking wireless networks
  • Hacking mobile platforms