IADE's Promise to our Supporters

IADE's supporters are at the center of our activities where they make it possible for us to help others. Here is our promise to you as a supporter:

We promise

  • We respect your privacy. We promise that we will never share any of your information whether address, name, or other information to a third party for marketing or fundraising reasons.
  • We promise that we will always be transparent in our dealing with you as a support or contributor.
  • We will not be solicited for support except by the means you desired or requested.
  • We promise to take your feedback very seriously since we are always in the process of improving our operations.

Our commitment to you:

  • We will use your contribution in the most efficient way to make it reach the intended target in the fastest way possible.
  • We will use your donations to support your cause and be transparent in how and where your contributions will be allocated.
  • We will keep you informed when possible how your contribution is changing the lives of those in need.