IADE's Promise to our Supporters

IADE's supporters are at the center of our activities where they make it possible for us to help others.

Fighting Malnutrition

According to latest statistics, malnutrition contributes to about fifty percent of child deaths under the age of 5 worldwide.

Financial Tools for the Poor

According to latest statistics, over two billion adults lack access to financial tools such as bank account, loans which in term prevent them from weathering any financial crisis they might face which can keep them living in poverty.

Increase Agricultural productivity

We understand that one of the ways to fight poverty specifically in poor countries worldwide is to increase agricultural productivity in a sustainable way.

College Education

Statistics have shown that having a college degree is the pathway to fight poverty where college graduates earn over 50% more than those who only have a high school degree. Unfortunately, few can afford a college education due to the expenses associated with rental, expenses, and loss of income.

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Our Activities

Dr. Badih Arnaout IADE President on the grounds of the French Assembly in Paris, France.