Quality Healthcare and Education

The path to eradicate poverty starts by giving people access to quality healthcare and good education.

In developing countries, we put great emphasis on the health and wellbeing of people in order to lift them from poverty. We make sure that those who have the least resources can get access to what they need to succeed in school. IADE help teachers have access to needed training, latest high-quality educational materials, in order for them to give high quality education while improving their skill sets. We partner with educational institutions to ensure all students have equal opportunity attending college.

By using innovative techniques, education can be improved by sharing effective tools and strategies where together with educators a transformation in the way we deliver knowledge can change. Here poverty can be tackled heads on and people's life will improve.

Our strategy is to make sure all students can reach high school and graduate. Additionally, our goals that all high school graduates have access to college education. Also, that college graduates have the skill sets that will make them ready for the workforce by aligning the local market need to what colleges offer in term of education. For those who rather get into the workforce after high-school, we help students get certificates which are valuable in the market place by aligning market needs with training of labor force.

We help teachers build strong relationship with students. We invest in people, students, parents, educators trying to find original ways to approach education in order to help students reach their highest potentials.