Increase Agricultural productivity

We understand that one of the ways to fight poverty specifically in poor countries worldwide is to increase agricultural productivity in a sustainable way. We help farming families produce more food per acre in order for them to increase their income. Climate change and lack of water sources has brought to surface the need to support agricultural productivity in order to keep food prices at affordable prices. Most farmers in poor countries struggle with unfertile soil, plant diseases, pest, and drought. We use our network to offer reliable markets and give farmers the ability to rightly price their crops in order to their interest and not be taken advantage of. We help farmers learn how to use fertilizers moderately in order for us to prevent water pollution and minimize the possibility of turning their crop to carcinogenic where agricultural crops would be unmarketable in the world market.

We help farmers make more money which in turn gives them the ability to bring food to the table, send their kids to school, have better access to health services, and invest in their farms. In order to reach the goal of better crop, we supply farmers with seeds that are resistant to diseases, drought, and flooding. We listen to farmers and discuss the crop they want to grow in addition to the challenges they are facing. We work with our partners to find affordable solutions for their problems. We supply farmers with healthier seeds and farming tools, relevant knowledge in order for farmers to have productive crops. We encourage farmers to use sustainable agricultural practices to protect the environment by using less land, water, and fertilizers in order to preserve natural resources.