About us

International Association for Development and Empowerment "IADE" is a global non-profit organization dedicated in fighting poverty, illiteracy, and intolerance; we believe that all people have equal rights in having a descent place to stay, and live a healthy, productive life. We focus on giving people the tools and the means to fight poverty and illiteracy, lifting them from their current situation into a brighter future. We strive to help people during time of crisis and wars by being there when it is most needed.

Our mission is to help create a world where every individual has the chance to live a long healthy and productive life. We make sure that children from all ages have the environment where they can thrive and grow to their fullest potentials. We empower the poor and underprivileged specifically marginalized section of the community specifically women and girls to change their lives. We inspire people to take control of their lives using education as a mean to be what they want to be.

We fight for people rights help them achieve their fullest potential. We are the organization for life.